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Creative Business.Studio

The Start Line for Creative Entrepreneurs

Mission of
the Project

Creative Business Studio is the program that offers support to young creatives from 6 european cities to launch their creative products or services.

Beyond all its agenda, its mission is to bring together young creative’s capabilities with business workshops and crowdfunding support and build an interconnected ecosystem within creative industries.

Am I suitable to apply?

We are looking for young visioneers between 19 and 30 years old that are crafting creative products or services and want to turn their creative talent into a business.

If you are living in one of the 5 organizing countries and have already done the first step in launching your business, either developed an MVP, an event to introduce your idea or a landing page, come join us.

What makes you suited for the program:

  • you are driven to turn your passion into a business
  • You consider the idea of launching a crowdfunding campaign

What’s in it for You?

Intensive workshops

Intensive workshops

for developing your launch strategy
Intensive workshops

Exclusive support

to develop and launch a crowdfunding campaign
Intensive workshops

Industry mentors

during the Creative Academy
Intensive workshops

An international

marketing bootcamp

Stages of
the Program


Discover the program

September – October 2018

  • Fill in the application form dedicated on each city’s page.
  • Meet us at an interview and get in the Creative Industries Academy.


Creative Studio

October – December 2018

  • 5 Financial Forecasting, Marketing, Crowdfunding, Business Models Workshops and mentoring with an industry mentor



January – March 2019

  • Professional support to selected participants in each country to develop and launch crowdfunding campaigns. Meetings with video, copywriters, designers, PR consultants.


International Marketing Bootcamp, Madrid

June 2019

  • 5-day training international marketing and thinking beyond borders.
  • How would it be to launch your product in another country?



Train the trainers

This pedagogical material is dedicated to trainers who deliver training programs for entrepreneurship in creative industries and to professionals in entrepreneurship education. It can be used on its own, or can be used together with the “Creative Entrepreneurship Startup Handbook” which contains more information on theoretical level. It provedes detailed instructions on running a 5-day program of workshops supporting creative entrepreneurs in moving from idea to product and first customers.

If you would like this material please contact us at bucharest@creativebusiness.studio


Incubation Guidelines

The Incubation Guidelines contains a process for supporting creative industries entrepreneurs through several approaches and tools. It is designed to provide organizations with the capability to run a similar program in incubation of creative industries entrepreneurs by clarifying needs, priorities and tools to deliver them in order to help entrepreneurs move faster, while making less mistakes and avoiding unnecessary costs.

If you would like this material please contact us at bucharest@creativebusiness.studio


Creative Entrepreneurship – a Startup Handbook

The Handbook offers young entrepreneurs in creative industries a road map to get from idea to product to first customers by using the same tools covered in the 5 day workshop program.


The Crowdfunding Handbook

The Crowdfunding Handbook provides entrepreneurs in creative industries with a roadmap for planning a crowdfunding campaign by explaining what crowdfunding is, assessing how feasible a crowdfunding campaign is for a specific product and providing the tools in order to develop the campaign.